The event of the year in the field of retail, manufacturing, investment
Trading Forum : Dnipro
The third annual international forum for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers
Speakers and
Stands in
expo zone
For the third time under one roof will meet
Retailers / Manufacturers
Profile investors
Logistics companies
Key export And import experts
Potential Partners From different spheres of business
September 8 - all in the Dnipro:
countries and regions represented on the forum
  • Ukraine - all regions
  • Countries of Eastern and Central Europe
  • Belarus
  • USA, Canada
  • China
  • Gulf countries
  • Central Asia and the Caucasus region
  • The Baltic region
  • Israel
International Trading Forum: Dnipro
1001 is an opportunity for you
Meet with the necessary people for you,
to establish contacts with potential partners
Get valuable information,
which will help update plans for the future
Find out how others solve problems,
inspire to introduce changes in their company
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The meeting place is not accidental
Dnipro - a city of change and innovation:
You are waiting for events in the best business center of the region, analogues of which not even in Kiev
Official part:
Cultural and Business Center "MENORAH", Dnipro, st. Sholom Aleichem, 4/26. HALLS: Grand Hall, Royal Club - 2nd floor. Log in to the Forum - via "PCHOLKIN HOUSE"
Evening cocktail:
Banquet hall on the bank of the river Dnepr "THE RIO CLUB"
Among the speakers
Konstantin Melnikov
Assortment of priorytite of the Ukrainian retailer
Marketing director "ATB-market"
Natalia Shapovalova
Case for the success of Ukrainian retailer
Deputy General Director of "ATB-Market"
Marco Toson
Trade relations between Ukraine and Italy. Features of the Italian market
Ukrainian Honorary Consul for the three Venezie, Italy
Diego Guzman de Rojas
Features of retail consumer and cooperation with Latin American networks
Regional Vice president, Hipermaxi S.A., Bolivia
Vladislav Guristrimba
Business of Ukrainian manufacturer with international distribution
Vice President, Co-founder BIOSPHERE Corporation
Mohammad Shadab Ahmad
Executive Buyer aswaaq company (Import, Private Label& Monoprix)
Morten Reimers Ørskov
CЕО Barkhill Foods A/S, Denmark
Katherina HORSEVA
Commercial Director «your logistics»
Kushnir Evgen
CEO Vifcom
Alexey Chuyev
Opportunities for cooperation "Ukraine - UAE"
Executive Director of UBA
Victoria Ilchenko
How to improve the accuracy of sales forecasts for FMCG companies?
Business analyst for business automation systems
Andriy Pecherskyh
How to improve the accuracy of sales forecasts for FMCG companies?
Director of the Center of Business Technologies
Volodymyr Avramenko
Famous Businessman, Founder and Owner of "AVK" confectionary company
Mieczyslaw Ruzhansky
CEO Supermarket retail chain "NASH KRAJ"
Volodymyr Strokan
Development Director "AUCHAN RETAIL UKRAINE"
Volodymyr Papyrin
Commercial director in "BRUSNYCHKA" retail chain ("UKRAINIAN RETAIL")
Natalya Barylchenko
Head of Private Labels "VARUS" retail chain ("OMEGA")
Denys Krasnikov
Vice-President of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Marina Reptiukh
Sergiy Maltsev
Sales manager DB Schenker
Ruslan Drobot
National Key Account Manager
César Ruesgas Fernandez
Director Desarrollo de Marcas S.A. (DdM) – Euromadi
Oleksandra Humenna
Dean of the faculty of Economics, National University of "Kuiv - Mohyla academy"
Forum program
09.00-10.00 Registration of Delegates, morning coffee, acquaintance with the Expo-zone.
10.00 Starting the official part of the Forum.
10.00-10.15 The introductory word of the Forum Producer – Galyna Potapchuk, CEO & Founder, MY TRADE GROUP, LLC.
10.15-10.30 Congratulations to the Participants of the Forum from the head of the Dnipro city Administration – Borys Filatov. Dnipro – the modern platform for business and development.
10.30-12.00 First session of Ukrainian business and International trading connections. The main topics for discussion:
  • Trade according to national business traditions. What we have for today – the achievements and business specifics. «Trading Code in Ukrainian terms».
  • How our companies (present at the Forum) influence the development of trading business within Ukraine and abroad (international trade).
  • Ambitions of the expansion of Ukrainian business to foreign markets. Do we have enough strength to expand our formats and products to markets in other countries.
  • Key import queries – which products and which partners, from which countries prefer Ukrainian biggest retail chains.
  • Investments in the development of retail and manufacturing. Risk and opportunity analysis.
12.00-13.00 Coffee break, networking
13.30-15.00 Parallel Sessions:
  • «Grand Hall». EXPORT: export opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers. Requirements of foreign retail chains to products and cooperation.
  • ВIncludes live speeches of TOP-managers from the biggest retail chains by countries. Topics for speech from the side of the retailer: Company’s strategy and assortment news, key requirements in cooperation with manufacturers. Key mistakes in cooperation. What is needed from the side of manufacturer to be successful cooperating with the Speaker’s retail chain? How to start cooperation with retail chain? What should be done from the side of manufacturer step by step?
  • With participation – international retail chains, key manufacturers ready for export, foreign distributors, associations and trade missions, logistics companies and partners in preparation and entry into foreign markets.

    «Grand Hall». EXPORT: export opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers. Requirements of foreign retail chains to products and cooperation.
  • Analysis of trends – current and prospective, construction of the optimal product offer in Ukrainian retail chains. Involving the abilities of loyalty programs in the cooperation “Retailer-Supplier”. With the participation of market analysts, Ukrainian retailers and manufacturers (Ukrainian and foreign who are trading or planning to be represented on the shelves of Ukrainian biggest retail chains).
15.00-17.00 Lunch, networking, visiting the expo-zone, negotiations.
16.30-17.30 Final Discussion Panel: “The Trading Men” – Best Founders and CEO’s – which entrepreneurs and managers will determine the future of the industry. What is mostly needed to succeed in retail and manufacturing business?
17.30-18.00 Summing up the forum and awarding diplomas to the best business partners in the industry.
18.00-22.00 Evening Cocktail – RIO Restaurant on the Dnipro river.
Among the forum participants
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Project Organizer
Galina Potapchuk
Founder of "ITF: Dnipro", "My Trade Group" company
Producer and forum moderator
Since December, 2014 the author of projects, moderator, founder of "MY TRADE GROUP ", the business editorial staff, from the year 2015 until today organized 20 business forums on trade and development Supply chains, brands: "MY STORE" - 2015, -2016| «MY SUPPLY CHAIN» -2015(1), -2015(2), -2016(1), -2016(2), -2017(1) | «BIG DATA FORUM, 99%» -2015, -2016, -2017(1) |«VLASNA MARKA & EXPORT» -2015, -2016 | «1+1=3. MY TRADE SYNERGY SIMPLE MATH» -2016 |«LOVE. MY RESTO : Restaurant as a business» -2016(1), -2016(2), -2017(1)| «I’m BDD. Director of Business Development for 2017 -2017 | «MY TRADE PROFIT» -2016 | «MY BUSINESS WORKS» -2015 | «MY MULTICHANNEL» - 2015. From 2016 there is a training special project «S & OP LABORATORY with Scarlet Romanov» (June 2017 - 5 issues).

Since 2006 journalist / editor / moderator in the field of retail: 2006: journalist, magazine NOVAA TORGOVLI | 2007-2008: journalist / editor / moderator of online forums, website and print edition ProRetail | 2008: Marketing Director of IT Company Quantum International (TM Qguar) | October 2008 - December 2014: Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief, and author of Projects at TradeMaster | Since December 2014 - the founder and author of the projects "MY TRADE GROUP" (MY TRADE GROUP).
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On the territory of the cultural and business center "Menorah":
there are 2 hotels - 2 and 4 stars.
Booking and settlement details:
Estimated cost of living (per room):
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Forum posts
Speaker of the TOP session – Mieczyslaw RUZHANSKY, General Director of «Nash Kraj» retail chain
Speaker of sessions for top executives at the Forum is the leader with over 16 years of experience in large retail companies
The Forum Producer showed the Forum's Passport shortly :)
III Annual International Forum for Retailers and Suppliers «International Trading Forum : Dnipro» offers unprecedented opportunities to open Ukraine’s best export-oriented companies and to get acquainted with the best world’s retail chains aiming to establish cooperation between buyers and suppliers.
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